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Introducing PEG —

The new wearable for politicians that blocks the stench of war crimes

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How it works —

The Personal Embarassment Guard (PEG) completely blocks the smell of war crimes in Syria, including:

  • Chemical attacks

    Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people dozens of times. After the recent attack on Idlib, another airstrike targeted the clinic treating victims.

  • Hospital bombings

    Syrian regime forces deliberately target doctors and hospitals as a military strategy. Almost every hospital in opposition-held areas was attacked at least once in 2016.

  • Detention and torture

    Tens of thousands are being tortured and killed in Assad's detention centres. The UN has called Syria “a torture chamber” and accused the regime of “extermination as a crime against humanity”.

What our customers are saying —

  • It's a Fitbit for diplomats. I've not taken mine off yet. #dontholdyournose

  • Make deals with war criminals GREAT again #dontholdyournose

  • PEG 2017 = Колышек 1997 #dontholdyournose

  • Wore this every day on my trip to #Syria. It's waterproof too, so surf-friendly :) #dontholdyournose

  • PEG will help Italy nose ahead in this important new chapter with Assad #dontholdyournose

Health warning

Yes the PEG is a spoof, but what international politicians are doing couldn't be more real. The leaders of Europe are holding their noses to Assad's war crimes, choosing to look the other way while he gasses his own people.

If you're as outraged as we are, please add your name. We'll be taking this campaign to politicians around the world, forcing them to smell the stench of their own inaction.

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